Karl Stefanovic Suit Experiment is NOT Evidence of Sexism

Karl Stefanovic claims to have worn the same suit for a year to prove there’s sexism against his female co-host, who is judged on what she wears.

“No-one has noticed,” he said. “But women, they wear the wrong colour and they get pulled up. They say the wrong thing and there’s thousands of tweets written about them.”

There are several points that need to be made here.

  1. The people who largely have a problem with his female co-host wearing “the wrong colour” are other women. Generally, men aren’t concerned about what a female television personality wears.
  2. He wore a dark, solid, neutral color that looked like it was a different color depending on the light.
  3. He changed his shirt and tie frequently.
  4. He wore different his pants, as evidenced in the video. In most pictures you can’t see his pants, but in the ones where you can his pants are different. In one he’s wearing jeans. In another pink chinos. Therefore he did not wear the same suit, but allegedly the same jacket!
  5. He admits to having occasionally dry cleaned the jacket/suit. You can see this in the pictures. Sometimes the suit is clearly blue, other times it looks navy, and other times it is clearly charcoal. Thus, it was NOT the same jacket for one year! If he was being honest he’d say he wore the same jacket for most of the year.
  6. Had he wore a jacket that was easily recognizable, like a bright pink suit with white chalk stripes, people would have definitely noticed, and they would’ve definitely said something.

Conclusion: sorry this is NOT evidence of sexism.


Why are white men attracted to Asian women? Yellow fever stereotype

There’s a video on YouTube of a very upset young woman who allegedly has a problem with white men trying to speak to her in an Asian language, even after she’s made it clear she prefers English. (She mentions white men specifically at 0:41) She’s outraged that a man would like her because of her race, as opposed to who she is.

If these guys are stereotyping her because she’s Asian, I can understand why she’d be offended, but she seems to be outraged by something called “yellow fever,” which are men who only date Asian women. Honestly, I wonder just how common these men, as described in the video, actually are. Out of the hundreds of men I know, only a few have professed any interest in Asian women at all, and I have no acquaintances who’ve married an Asian woman. I know of none that keep samurai swords in their closet. I know that’s anecdotal, so do we have any stats to go on?

Well, it turns out that “yellow fever” is probably more-like “white fever” among Asian women. According to OKCupid’s statistics, Asian women prefer white men even more exclusively than white women do. In fact, Asian women were more likely to reply to a white man than any other race of men, including her own. White men replied to Asian women about average as much as they did other women. The men with the highest reply rates to Asian women were, in fact, black men.

Further, according to OKCupid, when Asian women were asked if they strongly preferred dating Asian men only 18% answered yes. Compare that to the 40% of white men who preferred sticking with white women. According to the same data, 2% of Asian women were against interracial marriage, which was the lowest percentage. White men answered the same question with 7%, which was the highest percentage of all races asked.

But perhaps this is just online dating? According to Pew, more than 1 in 3 Asian women married outside their race in 2010, by far the highest demographic to do so. According to a Slate article on speed dating:

We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating—but because of the women’s neutrality, not the men’s pronounced preference.

Well, I think that settles that. Are Asian women really being harassed by hoards of horny white men with “yellow fever,” or are they just creating hot button videos hoping white men notice them? 😉 If not the latter, perhaps exploiting racial stereotypes in order to gain new subscribers, since white men are the only demographic permissible to stereotype.